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Eighty years after the coup of July 17, 1936

In recent years the addition of hundreds of thousands of youth and workers to political life has marked a decisive way. mass mobilization, the birth of the tides and the political expression of the movement proves it.
It is no coincidence that now, more than ever, the right has redoubled its attacks on Historical Memory. At a time when workers and youth looking for an alternative for which to fight and try to learn from the mistakes and successes of the past. At a time when all the heirs of Franco institutions have demonstrated the utter putrefaction. It is in these moments, when not skimp means to attack the memory of those who struggle to transform society.


Given this harmful situation, we regret the attitude of some of the representatives of the City of Madrid. The Madrid City Council has taken a path of difficult return. He distances of thousands of workers and youth who support the change to end the policies of the PP.
Commissioner Historical Memory has been the product, among other things, the fear of right-wing media. Faced with a democratic committee formed by associations of Historical Memory, unions, parties, youth, workers and associations; It has imposed the participation of members who do not know the subject, including a priest. Own approaches its president, Francisca Sauquillo, opposite to remove the Franco symbolism perverts the objectives of the commission.

City Council's policy in this area is, in our view, the ultimate achievement of a series of errors that led to this situation. The discourse of "equality of the two sides," where are presented as equal to those who defended democracy and those who supported the coup, it has a practical basis. In defending this fictitious "equality" they ensure that those who supported the dictatorship and some of its companies as OHL and ACS; Republican hand who used slave labor during the war; They have the same interests as workers and young people who fought for democracy and whose descendants continue to struggle to transform society.
This is how the council has refused to remunicipalise landscaping services, street cleaning and garbage collection, among others. Instead of improving the conditions of workers and achieve significant savings with better service; it folds to the interests of those who carry ruling this country from the dictatorship.

Is more necessary than ever to build on the momentum of the mobilization in the coming period and convening, in a unified and strong, a great mobilization in defense of Historical Memory. Historical Memory is also recognition of our past a right of all citizens to know our history. History will allow us to continue fighting for the present and future. The need to link this struggle to other given in Madrid is strictly necessary.
Our thanks to all anonymous and known heroes who gave their lives for social change, and in particular the whole family Leret.
Therefore, in the different proposals for change of name in the streets of Madrid we have made, the name of Virgilio Leret can not be disassociated from everything that made the family, including Carlos Leret Ubeda and his brothers, in defense of freedoms.
Given the paralysis of the City of Madrid we have insisted and tried to merge with the Association of Historical Memory broad in order to push and get the change of names in the streets of Madrid movement.
We appreciate all outreach and analysis that serve to keep the memory alive facing this and future generations. So we have done to disseminate and explain everything that happened in the family. The rigor and scientific analysis have been and will be the support of all our vindictive force.

In this line we reiterate commitment and rigor in saying that the handwritten drawings and the invention memory copy "Continued Reaction Mototurbocompresor" Virgilio Ruiz Leret are safeguarded by the descendants of Gabriel Ruiz Leret. Virgilio Gabriel gave this manuscript for his contribution in developing mathematical copy.
We conducted our research to objectively analyze the positions and facts that were determined before, during and after the civil war.

Virgilio Leret defended positions that were and remain revolutionary.
In the Aviation and Union C it formulated in support of the Spanish revolution, the following:
"As the nationalization of production work and the best means for economic management and in general of such manifestations of vitality absorb and engage the union in a single template all industries and organizations that are related to the aeronautic"

As it is incomprehensible to have the name of a repressor at an airport in a democratic country; we understand that the name of a revolutionary can not be used to show off an airport run by a privatized company. We have had the opportunity to participate in some of the protests of workers against the privatization of AENA and against the destruction of their conditions. We have always tended, like other workers, a hand that will not be removed. Leret memory of the family, like many other families who lost their loved ones to fight for freedom and social rights, is with the workers.

Signed: Ascensión Leret Verdú y Manuel Rodríguez Leret